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Frequently Asked Questions - and then some!



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The academy hopes that you will find the answers to your questions in this section.  However, if your question is not found here then please call or email the academy.  We will get an answer back to you as quickly as possible!

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Where is W.M.A. located?

The Winkler Music Academy is located at the following link!.
“Click here for detailed directions”

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I am a concerned parent, can you explain the environment of your academy?

W.M.A. is all about the children.  You can be rest assured that while your children attend here that they are in safe and capable hands.  Many policies are in place to ensure that each student is taken complete care of.  The academy does not tolerate any individuals that will disrupt activities or create a problem environment.  The academy is here to foster positive growth using methods which brings out each students individual gifts.  We protect this learning environment at all times because we understand the importance of what a child needs in order to learn and achieve their individual goals.

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What hours is the academy open?

The official teaching hours for private one-on-one lessons are Monday thru Friday 1:00 P.M. till the last student leaves each night (usually around 10:00 P.M.)

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What is the youngest age excepted?

W.M.A. has had students as young as six years old.  However, we will conduct a consultation to ensure that the student has the ability to maintain an attention span as well as has a genuine interest in learning about music.

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How do you track a students progress?

All course content is listed in order from beginning to end by a completion checklist.  Each item on the check list is specific to the current course objectives.  Upon successful completion of that particular task the item is checked off and the student can continue to the next objective.  Alot of times the student will be working on several items at the same time.  The students goal is to get as much of the course material checked off at every lesson.  Each parent can review and monitor each child’s progress by keeping track each week of all new completed check marked items.  This method helps each student focus and prepare to complete each specific task waiting to be marked.  At no time does the student ever have to wonder about what he/she needs to be working on.  This approach ensures that the student is learning and practicing the entire time.

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How much time should a W.M.A. student practice?

W.M.A. can provide guidelines when it comes to how much a student should spend practicing.  There are many factors to consider.  One of the main factors has to do with the commitment level each particular student has on their instrument.  A serious W.M.A. student should be practicing about one hour each weekday.  However, in general the norm that seems to be taking place is more closer to about thirty minutes each weekday.  Regardless of the practice time that you put in, the course material will move ahead at your own pace.  For example, some students have completed the W.M.A. Guitar Basics course in four months.  Others, it has taken over one year.  So, as far as what what W.M.A. would like to see, of course - the more you practice the better you will become!

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What happens if a students starts a program and decides to quit?

The lesson blocks that we offer  are two month commitments only.  At the end of any particular lesson block the student can drop out.  Of course the option to drop out can be made at any time and that is at the sole discretion of the individual student.  If this is the case the student forfeits his time slot and will not receive any refund.  However, if a previously quit student decides to enroll in the future we will not charge him/her another course fee to complete the previous course that they were attempting to complete.  W.M.A. desires that all students complete their original goal that they set out to complete. 

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Do you rent instruments?

This may be something that will become available in the very near future.
 Call W.M.A. directly to inquire (204) 331-3722

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Does W.M.A. sell instruments?

No. However, we can help you make a educated decision when purchasing your instrument.

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What is the average cost per W.M.A. lesson block?

For current lesson costs call the academy directly at 204-331-3722

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Are there any additional instructional fee’s?

W.M.A. prides itself on allowing each individual student complete flexibility in choosing course programs.  If a student chooses regular open sessions there are no additional fee’s.  Any specific course programs will come with a book fee as well as a specific course fee.  The course fee covers all the supplied  materials such as handouts or recording CD’s.  This fee also covers the student for access to recording in the project studio.  These fee’s vary depending on the particular course chosen.  For example, if you choose the Guitar Basics program the book / cd fee would cost twenty-five dollars and the course fee would cost twenty dollars. 

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What benefits does your academy offer the students?

At W.M.A. the student has tremendous opportunities to truly explore how music works in the way that it does.  We are anything but traditional when it comes to learning at this academy.  Each student is hands on working with the latest in music technologies and computers and sound synthesis.  W.M.A. uses industry standard post production recording which is offered as part of every instructional course.  The student not only learns a musical concept but then gets to practically apply that concept by recording their own musical ideas.  At the end of any course, if a student has focused on applying these offered benefits, by the end of their course he/she will have created enough original music to have their own professional demo CD.  This provides a great source of inspiration for each student to really get the work done and to practice their music to perfection.  W.M.A. is proud to be able to say that we are the only music academy in Southern Manitoba that allows such an incredible learning envronment!

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Do you just teach songs or do you also teach theory?

Every W.M.A. student receives a well rounded education.  We desire that each student understands as many perspectives as possible.  We teach the student why and how a song works and sounds the way that it does.  For example, by simply learning a song the student misses all the inside information as too how the song functions in the way that it does.  So, at W.M.A., when students learn songs they are also learning what that song is and how it is musically functioning.  This is where the students true musical educational growth takes place.  It is this educational balance that allows the student to really thrive.  Here, the student learns the reasons why a song sounds the way that it does.  It would be a waste of valuable time and money to only teach one aspect.  If a student only learns songs without the balance of theory then no matter how many songs the student learns the understanding of the information remains a mystery.  At W.M.A. we are specialist’s at the educational aspect of understanding music.  In order to understand music the student must learn why and how a song sounds in the way that it does.  In order for this to happen there must be a balance between learning the songs and understanding the theory and that is what we do best!

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Are there performance possibilities for the W.M.A. student?

In the very near future!

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What kind of musical styles does W.M.A. teach?

We have many style specific approaches to learning music.  However, W.M.A. ensures that regardless of a musical style, that the student understands the fundamentals behind music.  Once the student has this solid foundation understood he/she can target a specific musical style to master.  There are many currently offered music styles to learn here at W.M.A.  Please check out the courses section for further details.

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I am an adult and have been playing for 10 years, how can you help me?

We love to see players that have spent alot of solid time on their instruments decide to call the academy and take the plunge into expanding their musical perspectives.  Music is such an incredibly deep and endless source of potential learning that no matter how long one has played, there is always something new waiting to be learned.  We can especially help all those players who have reached their peek while trying to pursue the instrument on their own.  You will benifit greatly by adding the W.M.A. educational methods to your current level of ability.  We will show you ways to take your playing to a level that will probably surprise you. 

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Do you teach compositional techniques?

Yes.  We can teach you how to understands the methods of approaching / understanding and applying various compositional perspectives.  Regardless of whether you are in a band or a solo player, you will learn how to apply compositional theory.  We will teach you a set of tools which will ground you in the base fundamentals.  Once these fundamentals are understood we will take the student and advance them into the practical approaches where they have to apply their creativity to original composition.  One of the greatest aspects of being a W.M.A. student is that you get to take advantage of recording your compositions in our project recording studios.  The student can hear first hand the results of trying to apply the W.M.A. instructed material.  The key is learning by doing.

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Can you explain how your project recording studio’s work?

W.M.A. uses the industry standard recording technologies.  Our two-hundred plus track studios allows the student great flexibility in developing their true musical potential.  The typical student would be practicing their lesson material in hopes of being able to develop that objective into a recordable song idea.  Regardless of whether the student has a band or not, our studios are capable of adding whichever instrument/s to the students project.  The guitar student would add a drummer, bass guitar, maybe keyboard parts (the possibilities are endless).  Every student has the opportunity to record their playing and build up the surrounding band according to their idea.  The student does not have to worry about any of the technical issues for recording - that we take care of.  The students record as many tracks as they need to until they are satisfied.  The end result is a professional song demo which is mastered to CD.  This is a proud moment for any first time academy students completing their first professional song idea.  We make the recording process easy for the student.  The only thing they need to focus on is applying our instructional material in a creative way!

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Is it possible for me to book time in your project studio’s?

Possibly.  The academy prioritizes the project recording studio access exclusively for attending W.M.A. students.  Our focus is to see that each student is able to take advantage of this incredible learning opportunity.  The demand for attending academy students to have this access precludes us from being able to accommodate anyone other than attending W.M.A. students.  However, special recording project considerations have been made in the past and for these circumstances one must contact the academy directly and voice their specific request.  W.M.A. strives to support community school endorsed music activities and we will do what we can for circumstances that warrant it.

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Do you make cost allowances for social assistance families?

Yes.  We desire that everybody has the opportunity to be able to learn music.  We understand that there may be financial issues which prevent potential students from attending a dedicated music academy such as W.M.A.  We desire to remove any obstacles which prevent family’s from providing their son/daughter a music education.  For further information call the academy directly to see if you can qualify for this program payment benefit.

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Do I have to take a lesson each week or can I come every other week?

The ideal is that each week the student receives his lesson.  But, we understand that students can have some pretty crazy schedules and we will do what we can to work around that.  As long as the minimum two hours per month of actual one-on-one lesson time is met the time can be arranged according to your personal schedule.  This approval is solely dependent on instructor availability.  Only If the instructor is willing to fit your request into his available time slots (if any).  W.M.A. will do it’s best to accommodate you so you can learn music!

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My schedule precludes me from committing to a set time, can I still enroll?

Yes.  We will work around your schedule.  Our goal at W.M.A. is to teach music.  If you are unable to commit to an exact time each week then we will work out a scheduling system that fits your needs.  We are serious about being able to work with you so as you can move forward with your musical abilities.

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Me and my friend want to take lessons at the same time, does that work?

Yes.  This types of lesson can be very dynamic and fun.  We have taught many father / daughter or mother / daughter at the same time and it is a great way for a parent to share time with his/her son/daughter.  Also, friends wanting to share in the same learning experience is welcomed.  Music is meant to be shared and we fully endorse group instruction.  It is a very rewarding experience for the W.M.A. students.

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Can my child receive credit at his/her school for enrolling in your course programs?

Possibly.  We have had instances where the parent of a W.M.A. student has been granted school academic credit for their child due to the child being enrolled into a dedicated course program.  We encourage parents to check with their particular public or private school administrator to see if they are willing to grant credit for attending W.M.A.

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Is it all right if a student takes a break?

Yes.  We understand that students attending W.M.A. need to take a break to absorb the amount of information that they are receiving.  This is why we break the academic year into four parts.  However, students who only need to take a month off can due so by informing the instructor well in advance of his/her break.  Upon the students return into the course program a cost reduction will be applied for the remainder of whichever lesson block it happens to be in.  Further details regarding allowable breaks must be discussed with the academy.

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What happens if a student does not practice during their week?

This does present a problem for the instructor who must teach new material for the student.  It does happen where students end up failing to have a well planned out weekly practice routine.  Unfortunately, we cannot control how the students spend their time away from the academy.  However, while attending regular academy sessions the student will have to spend that time working on the specific lesson material which is waiting to be completed.  The students progress will be extremely slow due to bad practicing habits.  We hope to work with each student that has a problem in this area in such a way to help them overcome this weakness.  In most cases the students do end up getting into a regular practicing routine.  We help them to organize their time and thru motivational perspectives help the non practicing student turn into a dedicated go getter being well prepared for each lesson.

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How much lesson material is expected for each student to complete each week?

This depends on which course the student is taking.  Some courses are very regimented and follow specific lesson completion deadlines.  Other courses are more open ended which allows the student to set the pace of his/her learning.  The more time the student can put in, the more that student will get out.  For the non deadline completion programs we instruct the student at their own individual rate of learning.  This is great for the students who don’t do well with pressured deadlines. 

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What happens if I can’t make it to my lesson?

W.M.A. policy is that we do not do reschedules for missed lessons.  This is not because we don’t want to.  The reason this policy is in place is due to the number of students which are enrolled at W.M.A.  We simply do not have time to allow any rescheduling. 

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If I don’t know what kind of instrument to buy can you help me?

Yes.  We want you to get the best instrument that you can afford.  We will help you with getting something that will be suitable to your needs.  We want to make sure that W.M.A. students are buying an instrument that is worth buying.  Even if you do not buy your instrument from the academy music store, we want to help.  We want to ensure that you are going to get your moneys worth.  It is important to have an instrument that is easy to learn on.  An instrument that plays well will also help you learn well.  We do not want any student to be hindered in any way while working through the W.M.A. course programs.  Let us help you to ensure that you will buy an instrument that will be perfect for you.

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How do I know which course program is right for me?

W.M.A. will evaluate your current level of musical knowledge as well as playing abilities.  We will discuss the possible course directions based on those assessment results.  We ensure that through our consultation that you will be able to make a well informed choice as to which programs you need to be taking.  We leave the final decision in your hands.  The fee for a course assessment session is twenty dollars.  These sessions usually take between thirty to forty-five minutes.  However, if the student chooses the  results of the consultation course guidelines and registers into the prescribed course/s, the fee is waived. 

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I have been trying to call the academy but keep getting the answering machine - why?

Sorry.  This happens.  While we are teaching we do not answer the phones due to not wanting to disrupt the attending students lesson time.  If we get any breaks during that particular day that you called we will return your call.  In alot of cases, by the time the last student leaves it is rather late and we do not want to return calls any later than after 10:00 p.m.  In any case, we will return your call the first opportunity we get.  we ask that you please be patient with us.  Our schedules are pretty crazy and we do understand how important your calls are.  We will return your message at our first opportunity.

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Can I bring in my personal material for the instructor to teach me?

All lesson material must be W.M.A. endorsed and approved.  We encourage students to share their personal material with their instructor.  This will give the instructor a chance to ensure that whatever the student has been our is continuing to learn is worth learning.  We see many students enrolling at the academy who have been spending alot of time learning material which simply isn’t beneficial to them whatsoever.  We want every W.M.A. student to succeed and to learn information which is valuable to their specific learning process.  This is why we are professionals teaching and instructing.  W.M.A. will protect your learning experience by teaching you what is worth learning. 

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