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How To Enroll At W.M.A

We welcome players of all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Call the academy directly and ask to speak with academy owner Rod Wolfe.  W.M.A. looks forward to teaching you or your child the great joy of music!

Call:  (204) 331-3722

Your Music Education

What is your child's musical education worth?  Do you want your child to learn from just anybody?  W.M.A. stresses that everybody seeking to learn music, that they seriously consider what they are going to be taught.

W.M.A believes that we as instructors are placed here for a reason and we take everything that we do seriously.  We care about everything that we teach to our W.M.A. students!  We strive to build and reinforce every students positive character traits as well as hopefully instill them with the musical knowledge to be successful in everything that they pursue. 

The Winkler Music Academy is dedicated to the serious study and performance of great music and geared toward interaction with other students and musicians within the context of the Christian faith.

W.M.A. has earned a reputation for producing high caliber students. These W.M.A. students have learned how to play well and thru our experience teaching them, also understand what it is that they are playing and why!

All W.M.A. programs are designed to develop musical skills, knowledge, and musicianship. The instructors place special emphasis on encouraging and developing musical creativity.

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