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Multimedia Recording - Production



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The W.M.A. production studio offers a full range of fee-based multimedia production services.

Our studio can accommodate audio and video recordings which can be used for podcasting, webcasting, multimedia, DVD and CD projects and much more.

Our production fee = $60.00 per hour.

Some of the services available through the W.M.A. production studio are:

Video production / green screen / custom graphics / captioning / encoding formats

Audio production / recording / mastering / encoding

Project development

DVD/CD production and duplication

Web site production / multimedia pages / encoding formats for internet

Captioning for audio and video

Transcoding audio and video materials for online delivery


Whatever your multimedia production needs are we will help you achieve a professional industry standard product.  Call the studio now and let us help you with your project!


“Call us - we will help you!”



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